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south bend, indiana

south bend school field

south bend saves money and time while equipping school field with new lighting system

board members within south bend public schools in indiana determined that a new lighting system was needed at the historic school field to go along with other recent improvements. the board had recently directed $1.2 million in funding towards the renovations at the stadium, and was able to take advantage of a cooperative purchasing contract to save money and time on the bid process. the availability of the cooperative contract–which few lighting manufacturers offer–as well as a high level of trust from partnering on previous successful lighting projects made musco and its tlc for led technology the clear choice for
south bend.

  • the cooperative purchasing contract streamlined the installation process, which had to be completed in a very tight window of time before the start of football season.
  • glare and light spill is prevented from affecting nearby homes on sunnymede avenue along the north side of the field, as well as residential areas located on the heavily traveled s eddy st.
  • school field has state-of-the-art lighting it can rely on for trouble-free operation as a result of musco’s complete system approach, with lighting, structural, and electrical components designed to work together.
  • south bend public schools won’t pay maintenance on the lights through the year 2044 with musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor.
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