lacey sports complex -凯发开户

oskaloosa, iowa, usa

lacey sports complex

oskaloosa brings big league light shows to lacey sports complex
with musco’s show-light™ entertainment package

as a host venue for babe ruth baseball, little league baseball, and other tournaments throughout the year, oskaloosa’s lacey sports complex is well known for providing an exceptional playing and viewing experience. now, players and spectators will get even more of a “big league” feel to game night at lacey, with the installation of musco’s show-light entertainment package as part of its
tlc for led® system, which brings professional-level special effects and light shows to the complex.

  • players and spectators will enjoy an unforgettable game experience with the system’s variety of pre-programmed
    and customized light shows, including color changing technology, to celebrate player introductions, home runs,
    and team wins.
  • lacey’s staff can control the system easily using the industrial grade, touchscreen device for starting and stopping the shows and dimming the field’s lights.
  • mahaska county recreation foundation, which owns the complex, enjoys peace of mind knowing the light shows are backed up at musco’s control-link central™ data center and that there’s a 24/7 call center whenever assistance is needed.
  • maintenance costs are eliminated well into the future since the show-light entertainment package is part of
    musco’s tlc for led system, backed by a long-term warranty covering every part and all labor.
show-light™ entertainment package video
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