central regional high school -凯发开户

bayville, new jersey

central regional high school

central regional high school achieved desired light levels, efficiency, and reliability
with led system

central regional high school in bayville, new jersey was ready to upgrade the existing lighting at its football field to create better visibility and a more memorable experience for fans and players. having maintained an outdated metal halide system with deteriorating poles for many years, the school needed an led solution that would achieve the necessary light levels and be structurally reliable. with previous knowledge of musco’s experience in the industry, school administrators were confident that the company’s tlc for led® technology would be the perfect solution.

  • the school no longer has to worry about the reliability of its mounting structures, with the complete system technology of musco’s light-structure system™ including new galvanized steel poles.
  • energy consumption is reduced by 75 percent compared to the previous lighting, resulting in significant cost savings for the school and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • visibility is greatly enhanced for fans and players due to increased light levels and exceptional uniformity delivered by musco’s precise aiming and custom optics designed around the leds.
  • the school won’t have to pay any maintenance costs until 2043 as a result of musco’s long-term warranty covering every part and all labor for the system.
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